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Luqman Hakim and prophesied victory of the Romans

by endroar
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At the end of Taraweeh today, verses 1 to 30 of Surah Ankabut, Surah Rum, Surah Luqman, Surah Sajda and Ahzab will be recited. 21st Para will be read. In this part of Taraweeh, leaving the motherland, social etiquette, consequences of denying the Qur'an, benefits of prayer, patience, love of husband and wife, usury, advice of Luqman (a.s.) to children, knowledge of five things, rules of foster son, instructions to wives of the Prophet, on the path of religion. There are descriptions of danger, travel, wind, condition of believers and disbelievers, creation of the world in six days, reward of believers, ideals of the Prophet's life of the Ummah, giving up illusions of the world, zakat etc.

Benefits of prayer

The 18th Taraweeh begins by describing the benefits of prayer. In the 46th verse of Surah Ankabut, Allah Ta'ala says, 'Surely prayer prevents indecent and evil deeds.' When this verse was revealed, Rasulullah (s.a.w.) was asked, “Surely prayer prevents indecent and evil deeds”—what does it mean? He said, 'The prayer of a person whose prayer does not keep him away from indecent and evil deeds, his prayer is nothing.'

According to the tafsirkars, the meaning of this verse is to stand up from the takbeer with full attention and devotion, and perform the prayer with understanding the meaning of recitation, bowing, prostration and sitting. A prayer offered in devotion to Allah keeps a person away from wrongdoing and obscenity. Many people are seen, reading Nafal with five times prayer but accepting interest, taking bribes, destroying the rights of neighbors, cheating relatives and heirs! They are praying properly, there is no concentration and devotion in prayer. There is no love of God.


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