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Home Business Loans to the sustainable sector doubled in one year

Loans to the sustainable sector doubled in one year

by endroar
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Bangladesh Bank has been encouraging banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) in sustainable financing. For this, the regulatory body has been publishing the sustainable rating of the country's banks and financial institutions for four years. The central bank has taken this initiative to achieve the objective of sustainable development. Basically this value is verified based on five indicators. The indicators are sustainable financing, social responsibility activities, financing of environmentally friendly projects, sustainable core banking indicators and scope of banking services.

Bangladesh Bank's report highlights the list of top banks achieving sustainable financing goals. It can be seen that Exim Bank of the private sector is at the top. The remaining nine in the top ten are BRAC Bank, Eastern Bank, Yamuna Bank, The City Bank, Trust Bank, Prime Bank, Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB), Uttara Bank and State Bank of India (SBI).


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