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Home Business Life is tied to the illusion of toys

Life is tied to the illusion of toys

by endroar
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Afzal Hossain Fakir got married at the age of 18. It was the 1960s. He has no tricks then. There is no work in Kholash village in Dupchanchia of Bogra. Father's family is also poor. What will Afzal himself eat, what will he feed his new wife! Dishahara Afzal finally went to his father's work.

Father Sultan Fakir used to make toys. Tomtoms, tortories, fiddles—all kinds of toys. Father has his hands to make toys. He used to make toys and take them with his father to big fairs in different parts of the country. Starting from that. After that, Afzal Fakir himself made a big name as a toy maker. Wholesalers from all over the country started flocking to his house to buy toys.

Afzal Fakir is now 80 years old. Even at this age, he is not at all tired of making toys. He used to run from one corner of the country to the other big fairs with those toys made of terracotta and bamboo sticks. At the fair, he arranged the stalls.


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