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Let these young people be the inspiration of the whole country

by endroar
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Due to the influence of technology, many traditional habits are disappearing from our lives. One of them is definitely reading books. The inclination of earlier people towards reading books is not seen much now. With the passage of time, the days of local library practices have also disappeared.

However, some attempts at reading books make us optimistic. As we see in Pabna Bara Upazila. There some youngsters have taken exceptional initiative to make school students interested in reading books. They have set up a mobile library there, which has received a lot of praise.

This mobile library has been built in two vans. The two vans take turns going to the different educational institutions of the Haturia-Nakalia Union of Bara Municipal Area and Upazila. Nice canopy on the top of the van and some shelves under the canopy. These are different types of books arranged for him. Students take books from there and read during Tiffin. Someone writes the name, roll number in the book of the mobile library and takes the book home. All in all, this mobile library has already received a great response from the students.


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