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Let the preparations for the COP 29 conference begin

by endroar

Author and climate researcher Gauhar Naeem Wara questioned the preparation of those who went to the climate conference to collect compensation from the government. He thinks that transparency is essential to get compensation.

Gauhar Naeem Wara blamed the unplanned development of the government for destroying the environment including floods in Bandarban and Sylhet regions. He said, 'With climate change, we are not able to properly manage our natural resources.'

Ilira Dewan, former general secretary of Hill Women's Federation and human rights activist, said that people in hilly areas do not know what cop is. But they know, they have drought there every year, food shortage, water shortage.

Ilira Dewan said that protecting mountains, stones and rocks is a bigger issue than funds. Funds are not needed to stop cutting mountains. The source of water is being cut off by removing rocks. How to protect the environment where mountains are being destroyed.

Jannatul Mawa, executive director of Satkhira's Bindu Women's Development Organization, said that women are the biggest victims of climate change. Due to salinity, women in Satkhira region suffer from various uterine complications.


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