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Let the democratic structure be strong

by endroar

The objective of independence was to establish Bangladesh as a truly democratic, non-communal and exploitation-free state. Our constitution also enshrines the rule of law, fundamental human rights and political, economic and social equality, freedom and justice for all citizens.

But how much have we achieved? We have quite a lot of success in many socio-economic fields. Per capita income and average life expectancy have increased. Women have been empowered, education has expanded. Poverty rate has decreased. But in the 53 years of independence, inequality has increased. We could not deliver the benefits of development to everyone.

During the tenure of the current government, many mega projects including Padma Bridge, Metrorail have been implemented. Several projects are in progress. But the basic needs of the larger population are still not met. Government policy makers have acknowledged that the poor and low-income people are suffering due to the recent rise in the prices of essential commodities. But to compensate for this, the products that the government is providing at relatively low prices through TCB, are very inadequate.


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