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Let it be investigated by an independent agency

by endroar

On the other hand, Chittagong University's former vice-chancellor Shirin Akhtar on the last day of his tenure appointed 37 people without following any rules, including BCL leaders. A photo of some BCL leaders falling on his feet has gone viral, which is insulting to any person or educational institution. The former Vice-Chancellor has indulged the activities of Mastani and terrorist activities of Chhatra League since taking office. During his time there was also an incident of killing in the factional conflict of the Chhatra League.

On the other hand, during the tenure of the former Vice-Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Sharfuddin Ahmed, the members of the Independence Medical Council (SWACHI) staged a protest in front of his office, accusing him of recruitment and trade. The media also reported that the personal assistant of the Vice-Chancellor was assaulted by the protesters.

It is not only the vice-chancellors who are doing irregularities in these three public universities. The first task of the vice-chancellors of almost all universities is to patronize the leaders and activists of the pro-government student organization and fulfill their unjust demands. Their second task is to create their own circle among teachers and staff. Those who stay outside this circle have to suffer in various ways, the latest example of which is Comilla University. The former vice-chancellor of Chittagong University has created a second precedent by appointing 37 people under the pressure of Chhatra League. The first example was created by a former vice-chancellor of Rajshahi University.


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