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Home Business Launch stopped due to navigational crisis

Launch stopped due to navigational crisis

by endroar
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Last Wednesday afternoon, it was seen on the surface, a crowd of passengers in a shallow engine boat. People from Dhaka are getting off the boat in a hurry. Some are waiting for the boat. Everyone is crossing the risk by boat.

Rokon Mia, a college teacher of Madanerpara village in Phulchari upazila, said, 'Passengers are crossing by boat with risk. I myself have come from Dhaka by boat. Mehdi Hasan of the same village said that the pressure of vehicles on the highway is high. Getting train tickets is difficult. Because of this, homebound people have become dependent on boats. On this occasion, the boat is being charged more per person. He paid Tk 350 and came home from Dhaka by boat.

However, on the condition of anonymity, the lessee of Balasighat denied the charge of extra rent and said that the launch movement has stopped due to rising water in the river, so the pressure of passengers on the boat has increased. 30-35 boats ply this route daily. 9 to 10 thousand people travel in these boats.


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