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Home Business Kumudini Hajong is soaked in the love of people for a lifetime

Kumudini Hajong is soaked in the love of people for a lifetime

by endroar
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Due to which the farmers became angry. Their main demand was the abolition of the Tonk system and levy of rent according to the accounts of tenure. Other demands of the Tonk movement were waiver of arrears of tonk, abolition of zamindari system, payment of rent in taka instead of grain rent at current rate, stop eviction of peasants from land, stop collection of salami and opposition to imperialism etc.

On these demands, the Tonk movement began to spread throughout the hill region. In continuation of this, on January 31, 1946, a group of soldiers of 'Eastern Frontier Rifles' entered Baheratli village to arrest the leaders of Tongk movement, set houses on fire, raped Hajong women and tortured the tribals.

Their main objective was to arrest Kumudini's husband, Tonk movement leader Lankeshwar and his brothers, along with other activists. It should be noted that Kumudini's husband and four brothers directly participated in the Tongak movement. That day the police came to Kumudini's house and wanted to know where Lankeshwar was. When Kumudini was unable to provide information, the police tried to forcibly take him away. At that time Rashimani along with other leaders and workers of the Farmers Association were returning from Durgapur from a public meeting. Word of Kumudini's abduction spread far and wide like sparks.


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