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Jewish settlers now have their eyes on Gaza's beaches

by endroar

“The world is big,” says Daniela Weiss. Africa is huge. Canada is also big. The world can accommodate the people of Gaza. how do we We encourage Those Palestinians who are good in Gaza will have the opportunity to do so. I'm not talking about coercion, I'm talking about giving them a chance. Because, they want to go.'

There is no such evidence that Palestinians want to leave their homeland. However, many people want to leave the country temporarily to save their lives, that may be possible. Most Palestinians have no way out of the country. Because the borders are strictly controlled by Israel and Egypt. Apart from that, no country has even offered to accept Palestinians as refugees.

I tell him, this comment sounds like a plan to kill the nation. He did not deny it.

'You could call it ethnic cleansing,' says Daniela. I repeat, the Arabs do not want to stay. Normal Arabs don't want to live in Gaza. You can call it genocide or racism. Say whatever you want. Whatever you say, it's your choice. I chose this path to defend the State of Israel.'

A few days later a small gathering was held at the home of another settler. While eating cake and popcorn there, Daniela was spreading the idea of ​​going back to Gaza.

Daniela Weiss was showing the new map of Gaza on the big screen (projector). At the time, he was also showing leaflets saying 'Go back to Gaza'.

“People asked me how likely it was to happen,” said Daniela Weiss.


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