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Home Business Jaya Ahsan's mother is in pain with her children

Jaya Ahsan's mother is in pain with her children

by endroar
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The extra joy of Eid has been added to Jayad's house. The reason for this is that this actress is enjoying herself all the time with her family. From morning to night time is passing by chatting and chatting. Apart from this, brother has come from abroad, due to which the taste of cooking by mother's hands has increased many times. Jayara is trying to annoy her mother with this. The mother has to 'endure' the sweet pain of the children. Along with this, the Eid salami of the new note is there.

Jaya Ahsan's brother Adit Masood lives in London. He came to Dhaka for Eid. The joy of Eid should be complete by getting the brother. Jaya said, 'If you grow up, you don't have the joy of Eid. I do not agree with this statement. I still like Eid very much. As before, we still hang out, go to different houses, many people come to our house, spend time with them. I enjoy Eid as before. That's why I always try to stay in the country during Eid and Baisakh and spend it with my family.


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