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Home Business Jamuka 'doesn't have the courage' to go ahead and list Razakar

Jamuka 'doesn't have the courage' to go ahead and list Razakar

by endroar
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The law was amended to empower the National Freedom Fighters Council (JAMUCA) to draw up the list of Razakars. However, even after more than one and a half years, the work of making that list is still not visible. The company 'doesn't dare' to go ahead with the listing. Looking at the Ministry of Liberation War.

Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque said several times that the list of Razakars will be announced in March this year. But there is doubt whether it is possible or not.

Meanwhile, liberation war researchers think that a committee should be made with researchers to prepare Razakar's list.

In August 2022, amendments to the Jamuka Act were passed by the National Assembly. Jamuka was given the power to prepare the list of Razakar. Prothom Alor spoke with some officials of Jamuka recently. They claim that the names of important persons or the names of the relatives of important persons have come in the beginning while preparing the list of Razakar. The names of people who are in very big positions are coming. Razakar's relatives are in the administration as well as in the ruling party. As a result, they are not getting the courage to proceed with this list.


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