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Home Business Jamila of the old age home, Raisder, remembers her children 'with pain in her chest'

Jamila of the old age home, Raisder, remembers her children 'with pain in her chest'

by endroar
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While walking around the nursing home, it was seen that an old man was being bathed in a tube well by the employee of the institution, Shahidul Islam. There are three employees like him to look after the residents of the old age home. Shahidul Islam said, 'The story of each person's life is different. I do everything from feeding them, bathing them and giving them medicine. When I hear their words of suffering, I can no longer hold back my tears. It hurts me to see these parents.'

Saleha Begum came from Mistripara in Rangpur city to the old age home. Her husband died many years ago. Family of suffering. The two sons managed their family by driving a rickshaw, but none of them could support their mother. He said, 'No son remembered this mother. How I suffered for them. Today I have no place for them. I pray to Allah that they live happily.'
Sakila Begum, a resident of the new market area of ​​the capital Dhaka, also lives in this nursing home in Baksha. He is about eighty years old. Husband is not alive. only son There was no room for confusion. Sighing, Sakila Begum said, 'What is the use of a boy? They took me out of the house and put me in a bus. I went to Dinajpur. From there I was brought to this nursing home.'

Rezaul Karim is the founder of Baksa Old Age Home. He is working as a Reserve Officer in Rangpur Metropolitan Police. SI Rezaul Karim built this 'Baksa old age home' two years ago on a bigha land of Mainakuthi Baksa area of ​​ward number 7 of Rangpur city. In addition to own salary money, the family has the support in running this old age home. The elderly parents living there spend Rs. 1.5 lakh per month on food, employee's salary, ambulance expenses, medical expenses, medicines, clothes and daily necessities. Many of the locals sometimes organize a one-day meal at this nursing home on various occasions including parents' death anniversaries, children's birthdays.


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