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Jamaat has finalized its candidate in Jessore

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According to Zilla Jamaat sources, District Jamaat-e-Islami Education Affairs Secretary Abul Hasim Reza and Assistant Secretary Shamchuzzaman have been finalized for the post of chairman among the eight upazilas. Apart from this, the party has finalized Tabibur Rahman Jahangir in Sharsha, Joynal Abedin in Jhikargacha, Golam Morshed in Chougacha, Fazlur Rahman in Manirampur, Golam Rasul in Bagharpara, Moshiur Rahman in Abhaynagar and Abdus Samad in Keshavpur. Gholam Morshed Chougacha Upazila Jamaat Amir. Others are members of Zilla Karma Parishad.

In some upazilas, there has been news of the finalization of the candidacy for the post of vice chairman. However, there is doubt within the party about the participation of all the final candidates in the election.

District Jamaat Publicity Secretary confirmed the information of finalizing candidates in eight upazilas. Shahabuddin Biswas said that there is no central directive about going to the elections. But anyone can choose if they want. It will have the consent of the party. Due to the hostile political situation, many are not willing to vote spontaneously. Many may end up not competing.


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