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Home Business Jailed Kejriwal is being treated like a terrorist

Jailed Kejriwal is being treated like a terrorist

by endroar
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Today Sanjay Singh described the behavior and said that Kejriwal is not allowed to talk to his wife face to face. Even a tainted accused is not being given the benefits that are given to Chief Minister Kejriwal. He has been kept under CCTV all the time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi thinks that this way Kejriwal can be broken, the morale of the party will be broken. But he does not know, Kejriwal is not a broken man. As time passes, he becomes stronger. He cannot be detained like this. He will come back stronger.

Sanjay Singh said, Prime Minister Modi is getting scared day by day. Showing how vindictive he is. He should be ashamed that he is treating an elected Chief Minister like this. How much hatred in his mind, it is understood through this.


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