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Jahangirnagar University cut trees and build buildings

by endroar
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At noon on the day of the foundation stone inauguration, the leaders and activists of the Student Union University Sangsad formed a human chain saying that no building will be allowed without the formulation of a master plan. Since then, students have been holding various programs.

Last Sunday, it was seen on the surface, surrounded by tin fence for the construction of two extended buildings. Bricks are being picked up from the road in front of the Wazed Mia Science Laboratory leading to the Faculty of Biology. There are over two hundred trees of different species in the two areas, which will be cut down when the building is constructed.

Amartya Roy, the president of a section of the student union university parliament, said that they have been agitating for the grand plan for a long time. However, the administration is building one building after another without paying attention to the demands. If another building is constructed without the master plan, they will be forced to go to a one-stage movement for the resignation of the vice-chancellor.

Nasir Uddin, member secretary of TMC and project director of the university formed for the formulation of the master plan. He said that the approval of the ministry has been taken to build the two buildings in accordance with all the rules. The foundation stone has already been laid. Regarding the construction of buildings without making a master plan, he said that the works of four buildings which are supposed to be under the project have not started yet. If work does not begin by December, the budget will return to state coffers. Master planning is a long term task. The committee has already started working. Discussions are going on with all sides of the university.


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