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It's like a piece of Bangladesh

by endroar

Although Bengalis in the United States understand this one block of the 73rd road as Jackson Heights. According to official statistics, 50 percent of the region's 77,000 residents are Spanish, 15 percent white, 1 percent African-American, and 32 percent Asian; Only 5 percent of them are Muslims. As such 3 thousand 800 Muslims live in this region. Most of them are citizens of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

But when entering Bangladesh Street, many people do not understand whether he is in the United States or in Bangladesh.

In Jackson Heights, nine Bangladeshi-owned restaurants are sitting with Bahari Iftari dishes every day. New York's other Bengali-dominated Jamaica, Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx are no exception. Still, Bangladeshis come here from different states of the United States and other parts of New York City, to taste the varied Iftar.


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