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Israel will have to pay a heavy price to Iran

by endroar
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The truth is, the fact that nothing happened as a counter-reaction in these cases before has been good enough for us. Yes, we never paid for these killings. For years, Israel has been steadily provoking Iran, and it has been in Lebanon, Syria, and even on Iranian soil. It must be foolish to think that the rope Israel is pulling on will never be torn. That time seems to have come.

Moderate military analysts such as Amos Harel wrote in Haaretz last Friday that Zahedis and Ismail Hania's family members in Gaza were killed without sufficient trial. According to Harel, the relevant Israeli military officials did not discuss these tasks beforehand. It is foolish to think that Iran will never respond to these provocations.

Anyone who decides to conduct such a dangerous operation without first discussing and debating the possible consequences of killing a Quds (foreign wing of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard) commander in Syria is a dangerous and irresponsible man for whose actions we must all pay. . Harel says the killings in Damascus were carried out under military pressure. The political leadership, specifically Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who authorized this operation must bear full responsibility for it and the consequences.


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