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Israel attacks two more hospitals in Gaza

by endroar

Gaza's Ministry of Health said that Israeli forces have captured several patients and medical staff from Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Even during the war in Gaza, the hospital had limited medical services.

Residents of Khan Yunis say Israeli tanks headed towards Al-Nasr Hospital. At this time, the Israeli army bombarded and fired extensively.

Meanwhile, more than 1.5 million homeless people are staying in Rafah, the southernmost city of Gaza, near the Egyptian border. Israeli forces have started attacking there as well. Gaza's health ministry said seven people in a building were killed in a bomb attack there yesterday. With this, 84 people have been killed in Gaza in the last 24 hours. Since October 7, the number of people killed in Gaza has exceeded 32,226. Apart from this, more than 74 thousand 518 people were injured.

On October 7, Hamas members attacked Israel, killing 1,200 people. In addition, Hamas took 253 hostages. So far, a cease-fire deal between Hamas and Israel, brokered by Qatar and Egypt with US support, has failed. It has stalled issues such as the release of hostages or the delivery of aid to civilians in Gaza. Hamas claims that any peace deal must include a commitment by Israel to stop fighting and withdraw troops from Gaza. But Israel rejected it. They said they would continue to fight until Hamas was wiped out. They will not bow down to any global pressure.


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