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Home Business Is there anything called student politics now?

Is there anything called student politics now?

by endroar
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The great leaders we see in front of our eyes, but their children do not form Chhatra League, Chhatra Dal. Many of them do not even educate their children in the country. Abroad, many do Awami League or BNP. Their grandparents are members of parliament here. They do not need a background in student politics to become parliamentarians. Their children will not do this dirty politics, and the children of others will blow their noses for them. It is a kind of duplicity.

We no longer see student-related or institution-related issues, demands, bargaining. What we see in educational institutions is politics of Awami League, politics of BNP, or politics of Jamaat-e-Islam. As other political parties are weak, their position in the campus is weak.

All in all, there is no student politics in the country. What there is, is an exercise in decaying, rotting national politics. If the students want to negotiate their own institution or their collective problems, demand, they can do it with the university authority or the hall authority. But why should political parties have organizational committees?

‚óŹ Mohiuddin Ahmad Writer and researcher


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