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Home Business Is the US headed for a 'terrible' election?

Is the US headed for a 'terrible' election?

by endroar
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Laurie Goldman has been working to defeat Trump for eight years. Goldman, founder of Fames and Dames, has been recruiting, sponsoring candidates, and fundraising for Democrats in Michigan. When he became active in this work, his three children were 8 years old. Goldman spent a significant period of his life on political programs, 'seven days a week. Even the children did not find me in their need.'

Goldman is now asking himself, 'Why did I do so much? Calling so many people on weekends, trying to motivate people, fundraising after school, campaigning in the rain and snow, depriving children—what's the point?' Because, Trump has come back very strong, also announced to be more aggressive in the second term. He was saying, 'I think of my sacrifice now, I also think of others. They are like me. Is this the result? No, the result of the exchange was not good.'


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