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Is the body suddenly swollen?

by endroar

See accompanying symptoms

Let's know about some symptoms. For example, if you suffer from hormonal problems, you may feel extra cold in the winter; Voice may break, your thinking and working speed may slow down; The stool may become dry. Some hormonal problems in women can lead to abnormal hair growth, irregular menstruation. If water accumulates in one's body, it can cause breathing difficulties; If water accumulates in the hands and feet, it may be difficult to move the hands and feet. Problems such as yellowing of the eyes, decreased urine volume or change in urine color can also appear as symptoms of various diseases. Problems like headache, neck pain, dizziness may also occur.

to be done

If you have no other symptoms with bloating, make some positive lifestyle changes. Keep a healthy diet. Also exercise. If you have a habit of drinking alcohol, avoid it. However, if there are any other symptoms apart from body swelling, consult the nearest doctor. He will do a preliminary examination and refer you to a specialist if necessary. Also, if you have started taking any medicine recently, take the advice of the doctor who started it. If it turns out that the medicine is responsible for the swelling, he can change the dose or type of medicine. Under no circumstances should you self-medicate to get rid of swelling.


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