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IS not Ukraine, who is responsible for the attack in Moscow

by endroar
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The United States claimed that it had already warned Russian intelligence agencies about the possible attack. Washington claims they warned Russia that Moscow would be attacked soon. But Russia did not take it into account.

Three days before the attack, Putin was seen publicly criticizing the Western world's precautions. Putin said that the West is spreading fear of attacks to spread fear among Russian citizens.

Adrienne Watson, spokeswoman for the White House's National Security Council, said Washington had already informed Russian authorities of the potential terrorist attack.

But during a discussion with the head of the FSB last Tuesday, Putin said, 'Some officials of Western countries have recently made statements about possible terrorist attacks in Russia. Attempts are being made to create instability and interfere in our society through this propaganda.'

On March 8, the US Embassy in Russia issued a security alert. It is said that the extremists are planning to attack any major gatherings including concerts in Moscow soon. After receiving the news, they are monitoring the matter. The embassy advises US citizens in Russia to be cautious.


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