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Home Business Is Kate Middleton's video really made with AI?

Is Kate Middleton's video really made with AI?

by endroar
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'cruel cheater'
Social media X and TikTok users have claimed in various posts that Kate's video message is a fake video created with AI (artificial intelligence).

Some say the video has been tampered with. They are asking why there are no leaves or grass in the background. And to support this baseless claim, some social media users have posted slow-motion versions of the video.

Some have also raised rumors about Kate's facial expression. They say that Kate's mouth was seen falling in the pictures released earlier, but it was not seen in this video.

In a post on social media X, one user wrote, 'Sorry House of Windsor, Kate Middleton and the so called media. I am not buying what you are selling. Not really sorry. You've all read the story of the shepherd boy shouting 'Tiger has come, tiger has come', haven't you?'

A lot of false information is being spread about cancer. Many posts on social media falsely claim that the disease is not fatal. They are comparing chemotherapy with poison.


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