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Home Business Is it possible to make the country self-sufficient in this way?

Is it possible to make the country self-sufficient in this way?

by endroar
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I often regret, so much money was smuggled abroad, if all that money could be invested in the country, where would the country be today! Meanwhile, businessmen complain that there is no business environment in the country. Shortages of gas, electricity, rampant corruption, high prices of all goods and low cost of imports, therefore reduce their interest in investment.

In 2006 the business environment ranking was 65, but now it is 168 after so many improvements. Who is responsible for making business easier for businessmen? Who is responsible for bringing back the smuggled money?

If the people of Bangladesh are motivated to buy domestic products instead of foreign products, the important question is whether the country's products are ready to catch the market? It is heard that the business of domestic product manufacturers has increased in the last two months.

In this reality businessmen should try to retain that market and increase their market share. If the domestic manufacturers can offer low prices and good quality products then can not take this huge market?

Apart from that, many foreign nationals work in Bangladesh legally and illegally, if qualified Bangladeshis can be hired there and if the policy of developing Bangladeshi workers as skilled and qualified can be adopted, then foreign dependency can be gradually reduced. If this type of initiative is taken, it will be possible to reduce the current stagnant inflation and save a large amount of foreign currency of the country and also reduce the operational cost.

There are so many universities in the country, almost all of which have business faculties. Do they have research on business development? Although it is coming from the people through the government ministry? Is the main goal of the government only to raise tax-VAT, or is the goal to provide a sustainable basis for business?


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