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Home Business Is Biden failing to rein in China?

Is Biden failing to rein in China?

by endroar
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But U.S. refusal to stand up to China could increase the risk of conflict in the region, and that conflict could turn out to be more destructive. The US has already given China the opportunity to gain a stronger position in the South China Sea. If China wanted to achieve what it is now, even a decade ago, there would have been no way for China to engage in an all-out war.

China's recent provocations in the South China Sea indicate that Xi Jinping is more aggressive than ever in advancing his expansionism despite the growing risk of conflict. On the other hand, US failure to rein in China's aggressive expansionism has already undermined Washington's own prestige, security and trade interests.

US President Joe Biden asserted that the US 'wants competition with China, not conflict'. But China wants to establish its strategic dominance in the South China Sea and is willing to risk conflict for that.

As it turns out, the South China Sea has now become a testing ground for US resolve. And Biden appears to have already failed this test.

‚óŹ Brahma Chelani Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies at Center for Policy Research, a Delhi-based think tank

Ownership: Project Syndicate, Translation: Sarfuddin Ahmed


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