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Home Business Iran to allow diplomats to meet Indians on board

Iran to allow diplomats to meet Indians on board

by endroar
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This new complication created in West Asia has made India very worried. Israel and Iran – both countries are India's allies. It is therefore not possible for India to choose between the two countries in this recent conflict. Again, if this conflict continues for a long time or takes the form of a war, it is harmful for India for various reasons. For that reason, Foreign Minister Jaishankar called the two foreign ministers of the two countries last Sunday night and emphasized on de-escalation.

Jaishankar made the first phone call to Amir Abdullahian last Sunday night. Requested the release of the Indian sailors of the detained ship. He said that he spoke about the current situation in West Asia. He told him that it is necessary to reduce tension, moderate and return to diplomatic talks.


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