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Iran has stepped into the trap of Israel

by endroar
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As a result, the war is no longer a shadow war, it is an open war. And Netanyahu started this war. He knew Tehran would react angrily. Apparently, he did not inform his US allies about the attack in advance. Perhaps the US administration would have vetoed the attack if it had known earlier.

Netanyahu appears to have carried out the attack to maintain his political position at home, to fend off blind criticism from the US and to fend off international pressure to end arms supplies to Israel.

Netanyahu's strategy worked. Overnight, Washington's irritation with the situation in Gaza has faded. Pressure was mounting in the UK for a cease-fire in Gaza or the withdrawal of unconditional support for the Israeli coalition. It will not take long to disappear. The UK has instead provided military support in the airspace of Syria and Iraq. More importantly, Iran exposed itself after the Damascus attack.

Tehran can no longer hide behind Lebanon's Hezbollah or Yemen's Houthis. Netanyahu has challenged Tehran to a kind of wrestling match. Tehran's non-response


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