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IPL: Cricket or not cricket?

by endroar
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Many saw the impact of the IPL in the way captain Rohit and Kohli got out on the final day of the Test final. During the finals, former coach and cricketer Ravi Shastri urged the BCCI to prioritize between the national team and the IPL. Ricky Ponting, who coached Delhi Capitals in the IPL, said the Indian players could not prepare enough for the Test Championship final due to their busy schedule with the IPL. While league-based football favors the national team during World Cups or continental tournaments, India's behavior in national cricket has been questioned on social media.

In this case, the mentality of young Indian cricketers is also worth thinking about. After India's exit from the first round of the 2009 Champions Trophy, BCCI Chief Administrative Officer Ratnakar Shetty said that some youngsters had started to consider IPL more important than Ranji. A senior cricketer complained to him that they were not hurt by India's exit from the Champions Trophy. Now in 2024, those who are entering the IPL as a fresher, have grown up watching the IPL.

So IPL is more important in the eyes of today's youth than ever before. The hunger to achieve something for the national team must therefore seem relatively rare to some.

In the eyes of Indian historian and intellectual Ramachandra Guhar, IPL is evil because of capitalism. In a 2013 column in The Hindu, citing the lack of franchises named after some of India's most populous states, the Indian Premier League was not 'Indian'.

Whether the IPL has become 'Indian' or not after the addition of teams like Lucknow, Gujarat, Ramachandra can best say. But whether it is cricket or not, that can be debated. At least the complexity of getting the sponsor of BCCI's national team, giving preference to IPL by Kishans, negative impact on international cricket can be raised.


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