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Home Business Inter Miami is 'stalled' without Messi

Inter Miami is 'stalled' without Messi

by endroar
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At the end of the match coach Gerardo Martino questioned the mentality of the team, 'Red Bull wanted to win in this match, we didn't. When one team plays with no desire to win and no motivation, and the other team plays to win, they win.'

When asked if Messi's absence was such a big loss, Martino said, 'Not having the best player in the world was definitely an important factor. But Leo (Messi) didn't play last week against DC United (Miami won that match 3–1).' After the big loss, now Miami is number two in the points list of the Eastern Conference of MLS. Miami has 10 points in 6 games, and top-ranked Cincinnati has 11 points in 5 games.


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