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Insulin for diabetic patients during Holy Ramadan

by endroar
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According to research, about 36 percent of Muslim adults in the world suffer from diabetes. As such, more than 10 crore diabetic patients are fasting in the holy month of Ramadan every year. Many of them have to take insulin to control their diabetes.

During this month there is a big change in our eating habits and food intake schedule. People who take insulin are at risk of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. For this reason, before starting the fast through proper management, it is necessary to control diabetes and re-determine the level of insulin or medicine on the advice of the doctor.

Most patients taking insulin usually use two doses of pre-mixed insulin. In their case, if diabetes is under control, the entire dose of the morning before fasting (dose) should be taken during Iftar and half of the night dose during Sahri.


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