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Initiative to cut 3 thousand trees wrapped in greenery

by endroar

Mohammad Ashraful Islam Pramanik, Executive Engineer of Roads and Public Ways Department (Soaz), Sunamganj, claimed that he did not know anything about cutting down so many trees on one road. Although the road is under their control. According to the forest department, these trees were planted through social forestry. Due to the cutting time, such initiatives have been taken as per the rules.

It has been found that the road distance from Sunamganj Sadar to Sachnabazar of Jamalganj Upazila is 19 km. The road under Sauz was heavily damaged in the 2022 flood. The road was renovated in June last year. Souz wrote to the forest department to take action on the tree trunks damaged during the road renovation. The trees were planted through social forestry programs. Local people take care of the trees. Now that the period is over, initiatives are being taken to cut the trees.

It was seen on the ground last Thursday that there are no trees on both sides of the seven kilometer road from Abduz Jahur Bridge of Surma River in Sadar Upazila to Tukerbazar. The road runs from Tukerbazar to Sachnabazar in Jamalganj via Niamatpur in Biswambharpur upazila. Most of the roads are in Sadar. Rows of trees on both sides. Numbering of trees has started from Tukerbazar. Sadar Umedashree, Nidhicharchar, Ichcharchar, Islampur, Berjali, Ahmedabad; Numbering each tree from Dulbarchar in Biswambharpur, Sangrampur and Shermastpur in Jamalganj, Najatpur to Sachnabazar.


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