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Inflation rose again in March

by endroar
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Economists say headline inflation also rose as both food and non-food inflation rose in March. One of the reasons for the increase in food inflation was that the prices of various food products, starting from rice and potatoes, increased once again during fasting last month. Due to this rise in commodity prices, inflation has risen to close to double digits again. Overall inflation in March was the highest since last January. Overall inflation in the country was 9.86 percent in January.

According to BBS data, inflationary pressures were higher in cities than in rural areas in March. Overall inflation in rural areas was 9.68 percent last month. And overall price inflation in urban areas was 9.94 percent. Food inflation was highest in urban areas in March, at 9.98 percent. And non-food inflation was 9.71 percent. In rural areas, food inflation was 9.86 percent and non-food inflation was 9.41 percent last month.


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