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Independence and Ramadan: The Islamic Philosophy of Success

by endroar

In Islamic philosophy, the month of Ramadan is the month of freedom as well as the month of victory. Islam's first victory at Badr took place on the 17th of the second Hijri month of Ramadan. The greatest victory of Islam was the conquest of Mecca on 19 Ramadan in the eighth Hijri.

Not only worldly freedom and victory, but spiritual liberation and victory is possible in this month of Ramadan. For which it is necessary to practice fasting in a proper way. Piety, moderation and self-control are prerequisites for freedom and victory.

True Mukti or freedom of the soul is assured only if one is freed from the evil influence of lust, anger, greed, infatuation, alcohol and greed. Only when the soul or soul is free from delusion and free, in the real sense, the victory or success of the world and the liberation of the hereafter or the meaning of life is achieved.

Ramadan is the month of revelation of Quran. Allah subhanahu ta'ala describes in the great book Qur'anul Karim, 'The month of Ramadan, in this month the Qur'an was revealed as a guide for people, a clear sign of the right path and a judge of the difference between the truth and the truth. So those of you who will receive this month, let them fast in this month.' (Surah-2 Baqarah, verse: 185) Ramadan is the month of self-control and piety.


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