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Home Business In open air in Dhaka of pollution

In open air in Dhaka of pollution

by endroar
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Metrorail is the latest version of relief from the capital's heavy traffic. A trip to Uttara Diabari on vacation can be started with a metro rail trip. Diabari can be reached by Metro from Motijheel, Shahbagh, Farmgate, Agargaon or Mirpur.
Sitting in the metro, you will see the beautiful lake and the green forest. After the metro journey, you can get off the train and go to the lake first. Sitting on the chairs under the makeshift canopy made of bamboo-triple, you will feel the calm, mellow air. The flight will be seen. You can sit in the open air and watch the water waves and enjoy some light food. You will find ice cream, tea, coffee, chatpati, fuchka, kebabs and other types of food close at hand. Small tongdokans have been developed for these.


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