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In Gazipur, the workers' protest is going on for the second day demanding salary and bonus

by endroar

The location of this yarn manufacturing factory called Kaya Knit Composite is in Zarun area. Apart from this there are factories of Kaya Spinning Mills, Kaya Cotton, Kaya Yarn Mills, Kaya, Dyeing and Knitting and Kaya Cosmetics. About eight thousand workers are working in these institutions. There are about 1000 disabled workers among them.

It is known that after talking to the factory workers and the industrial police, the factory authorities have not paid the outstanding salary, outstanding holiday money and Eid bonus for the month of February, despite the promise. Last Sunday, the factory authorities started arguing when they asked for salary and bonus. The workers started protesting in the factory from six o'clock on Monday morning demanding salary and bonus. After the intervention of the police, they left the road and took a position at the gate of the factory. On that day, the factory authorities posted a notice. It was written that annual leave money will be paid on April 4 and salary-bonus will be paid on April 7. However, there was no signature of the factory authorities on that notice. Some time after giving the notice, the workers tore up the notice.

In the face of yesterday's agitation, Eid bonus was given only to the workers of Kaya Spinning Mill in the afternoon. After Iftar, workers of spinning mill along with workers of Kaya Knit Composite blocked Konabari-Kashimpur road. They left the road around 11 pm. However, the night shift workers took position at the main gate of the factory. This morning more workers joined the movement. They protested by blocking the road adjacent to the factory.


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