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Impact of rain on Dhaka air, ranked 26th

by endroar

In a report given last Thursday, the World Bank said that nearly one and a half million people died in the country in 2019 due to air pollution. The company also said that the loss of the country's total domestic production is about 8 percent.

IQAir recently released a report on the world's air pollution situation in 2023. It can be seen there, Bangladesh was at the top in air pollution last year. Pakistan is second. And the place of Dhaka as the capital city is second in the world. India's New Delhi was at the top.

India's Delhi and Pakistan's Karachi rank first and second in air pollution in the world this morning. The scores of the two cities are 201 and 177 respectively.

According to the IQAir criteria, a score of 51 to 100 is considered 'moderate' or 'acceptable' air quality. A score of 101 to 150 is considered 'unhealthy for sensitive groups'. A score of 151 to 200 is 'unhealthy' air. A score of 201 to 300 is considered 'very unhealthy' air. A score of 301 and above is considered 'disastrous' or 'risky'.


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