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IMF conditions were not met in March as well

by endroar
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Before this, Bangladesh Bank could not meet the reserve target as per the conditions of IMF in September and December 2023. Later, the organization reduced the reserve conservation target at the request of Bangladesh. Even the revised target was not achieved at the end of the recently concluded March.

Real reserves are calculated excluding the SDR sector of the IMF, dollars held as foreign exchange clearing by banks and dollars held for Asian Clearing Union (ACU) bills. Apart from this there are two other accounts of reserve. One of them is the total reserve. Another IMF accounting system is reserves maintained under BPM-6. At the end of last March The total reserve was 2 thousand 481 million dollars. However, what the IMF wants is only net or actual reserves.

When asked, Bangladesh Bank spokesperson Majbaul Haque Prothom-aloK said, 'Bangladesh Bank will not talk about how much reserve the IMF asked to keep, and how much we have kept. When the IMF team comes to Dhaka, we will discuss this with them. Then we will see what happens.'


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