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Iftar is like in Rohingya camp

by endroar
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33-year-old Salim Ullah said, it is a tradition of Rohingyas to break iftar with different types of food. They consider it a reward to call the people around and feed them. But for four or five years, Sahri and Iftar have not been done properly. Because they are not in their own country. And there is a severe financial crisis in refugee life.

The owner of another shop here is Nabi Hossain. Onions, violets, bell peppers are being sold in his shop. An onion is being sold for one taka, a spoonful of chickpeas for taka 10, a violet for five taka and a potato chop for five taka. At the beginning of fasting, iftar items were sold for 12 to 15 thousand rupees a day, now in the middle of Ramadan it is not more than 5-6 thousand rupees. According to him, the Rohingyas have no money.

The imam of a mosque, Saiful Islam, said that Rohingya householders who used to make hundreds of people iftar while living in Myanmar's Rakhine state, come to the refugee camp to eat iftar given by others. Everything including rice, dal, oil is available free in the shelter camp, but there is no separate budget for preparing Iftar material.


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