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Ibn Sirin's interpretation of dreams, blind hunting doves and cruel humanity

by endroar
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There is also a belief in this region that pigeon nesting in the house is inauspicious. But in Hinduism it is said that doves are devotees of Goddess Lakshmi. As a result, a dove coming home means a good fortune. Here we find similarities with Ibn Sirin's explanation. That means dove is a symbol of happiness, peace and good fortune, avoiding negative ideas. This is why Jibanananda said in 'Rupsi Bangla' – here the call of the dove…peace comes to people's hearts.

But the way this pigeon is hunted is very ruthless and cruel. The dove that brings good luck to people, why should it have such a fate in the hands of people! Birds are symbols of good fortune not only for humans but also for nature, that is true for all birds. However, many times certain things become taboo, such is the origin or prevalence of positive-negative ideas in various cultures around doves since ancient times.

On April 3, Prothom Alo's pictorial report on pigeon hunting created quite a stir on social media. Everyone has one statement, people can be so cruel!

In the report we see how pigeons are blinded and used as hunters to catch their own kind. Can't look at that dove picture. Small eyes of dove are sewn with thin thread. Not only that, but it is stuck with glue. In this way the dove is rendered blind. After that, a group of hunters were hunting more birds to get a net by tying that dove.


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