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I will continue to fight for it as long as I have life in my body

by endroar

He evaluated the long period of his life thus, 'burning since birth. I am in fight and run, fight and run mode. You can say, this time is a friend's journey for me. In this long time, happiness, joy, pain – how many things are mixed in this life. That's all to say today.' Musician Asif Akbar made such a comment on his birthday on Monday. Today is the birthday of this popular musician on March 25. He passed 52 and entered 53 years.
Although singing since childhood, Asif entered the singing realm professionally in 1998 by playing playback in Manna starrer 'Raja Number One'. According to his calculations, half of the entire age of his song is 26 years old.
What has Asif gained from music in these two long years? Everyone knows me in at least one sector in Bangladesh. People love me, what can I get bigger than this! Everyone wants people to know him. We are all poor for name calling. Even a great man wants to be called. I got a call. It is peace, joy to me. Endless love to all.'
However, this musician thinks that as artists want fame, artists also do many things for the country and society.


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