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I was looking forward to returning like this

by endroar
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Prothom-alo :

How do you feel about your film being released on Eid for the first time?

As an actress, it is very gratifying. Because, like everyone else, actors have different interest in Eid movies. I am very excited. I am very happy to be making a grand comeback after a long wait. Waiting results. Maybe I was looking forward to returning like this. Based on a true story, our Meghna Kanya will get a different audience. That's how we present the movie.

Prothom-alo :

More than 10 movies are being released at the same time on Eid, is it a concern or not?

A bit worried about the numbers. Our movie is based on the true story of women trafficking. Audience should watch the movie to create awareness. Our movies have commercial elements. Keeping the audience in mind, our director Fuad Chowdhury has presented the story through dance and song. On the other hand, it is good to think that there are star-studded movies on Eid, which are being released along with those movies. It feels like a dream.

Actress Nowshaba Ahmed. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Prothom-alo :

Had a dream about Eid movie release?

I always dreamed about Eid movies. I will have a poster with Shakib Bhai's movie. That is what is happening. I am very excited, happy. This is my movie on Eid with Shakib Khan, Raj, Bubli, it seems dreamy. Now my movie may not get a big release. I have done my work. Along with Jawaan movie like Twelfth Fail also got praise. I am not comparing with the movie. All movies have an audience, I say this to illustrate. I am not in any competition, being able to participate in this Eid film fair is a luxury.

Prothom-alo :

How did Meghna's daughter become?

A simple girl smile from Meghnapar. His father is a Gayen. His daughter Hasi wants to learn dance and become something big. That girl was once sold. It was challenging to bring the story to the screen. A tragic life of a girl in a dark world. My previous roles have helped me more here. My first movie Udhao, the drama Lalitha, later I did some documentaries with television characters, which led me to Brothel. I have had the privilege of witnessing the lives of girls in the dark world. My fight is very insignificant compared to their fight.


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