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Home Business 'I don't know why, our hands and eyes were untied'

'I don't know why, our hands and eyes were untied'

by endroar
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But the year 2022 has come to an end, our imprisonment has not ended. We asked the kidnappers what happened to our release.

They said, 'Everything was fine, but because of your organization's non-cooperation, everything went wrong.'

It was not clear what authority they meant by 'your organization'. Because, by 'our organization' they meant the United Nations, Yemen, USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates etc. Looking at the situation, it seemed that liberation was far away. Uncertainty, apprehension, anxiety, despair bit into my core. It seems that the last light at the end of the tunnel has gone out.

I noticed that uncertainty and despair not only engulfed us but also the kidnappers. They are now trying to get rid of us in various ways. At one point they started trying to prove us guilty. They had already identified me as a 'US spy' without any need for proof. All I have to do is prove to them that the four Yemenis with me are my espionage accomplices. Only then can you eliminate us safely.


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