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Home Business 'I don't know if I can return to education'

'I don't know if I can return to education'

by endroar
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Azizul's eyes also shed tears after hearing his mother's words. Mother and son started picking up the burnt books lying on the ground. Azizul's tears increased with the pages of the burnt book. Aruna then said to his son, 'O father Azizul, all the money kept in the house has turned to ashes. How can I buy your book again? Where can I get money?'

Aruna then started looking for his national identity card. But didn't get it. The son hugged Azizul and kept saying, 'My life is very difficult. When two sons and a daughter were young, the husband suddenly died of a stroke. After that, I work at home and take care of the children.'

Aruna's village home is Narsingdi. Her husband Wazir Ali's house is in Sylhet. They are married in the family. After marriage, Aruna started a family in her husband's house. She was in dire straits after her husband died leaving behind small children. He came to Dhaka with his children. He started living in this slum. Day after day, he worked in the next house and put food in the mouth of the children.


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