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I am careful in this Ramadan to fulfill the rights of my parents

by endroar
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Regarding the rights of parents, Allah Ta'ala also says, 'Worship Allah, do not associate partners with Him, and treat your parents well.' (Sura-4 Nisa, verse: 36) 'And I have commanded man to treat his parents well.' (Surah-46 Ahkaf, verse: 15). 'I have commanded mankind that you should be grateful to Me and your parents. Finally I have to come back to you.' (Sura-31 Luqman, verse: 14).

Hadith Sharif says, 'Father's pleasure is God's pleasure, father's displeasure is God's displeasure.' (Tirmidhi and Hakim, Sahih Albani). 'Children's heaven under mother's feet.' (Sunan an-Nasa'i and Ibn Majah)

Companions asked Rasulullah (S.A.), 'O Rasulullah (S.A.)! After the death of my parents, is there any duty of good behavior left with them? Then the Prophet (PBUH) said, Yes, there is. That is, to pray for them, to repent for their sins, to fulfill their shari'ah obligations, to maintain good relations with their relatives, to show respect to their friends. These include good behavior towards parents even after their death.' (Sunan Abu Dawud)

  • Mufti Maulana Shaikh Muhammad Uthman Ghani Joint Secretary General: Bangladesh National Imam Association Assistant Professor: Ahsania Institute of Sufism

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