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Home Business 'Husband would kill his own child, never imagined'

'Husband would kill his own child, never imagined'

by endroar
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Majida Khatun said that he used to pay Tk 13,000 as house rent every month. Had to gain momentum while running the education and household expenses of two children. Husband did not sleep properly due to lack of job. The mood was irritable. He lost his temper for the slightest reason.

“But I never imagined that a husband would kill his own child,” she said.
Majida said, 'Two of those around whom I had dreams are gone. Now my life support is my daughter. I don't know when my daughter will recover. And even if he is healthy, I can't say how to raise him. If I had got a job, I could have made her a man.'

The girl in the ICU wants to know the whereabouts of her brother Modabbir, Majida said, 'When my daughter regains consciousness, what will I answer her? How can I say, your brother is not alive, neither is your father. I never thought my life would end like this before Eid.'


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