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Home Business Huge victory for the opposition in South Korea

Huge victory for the opposition in South Korea

by endroar
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“This is not only a victory for the Democratic Party, it is a great victory for the people,” said Lee Jae-miang, the leader of the DPIK. Politicians of both parties must now use their energies to overcome the ongoing economic crisis. The Democratic Party will lead the way in finding solutions to improve people's quality of life.'

Today's results can encourage Lee Je-Miang. Because he lost the 2022 presidential election to Yun by a narrow margin. Now there can be a new presidential election.

Current President Yoon is under pressure on multiple issues. These include food price hikes, an aging population and ongoing strikes by doctors.

He went to a shopping mall in Seoul last month. There, seeing the price of 875 Won ($0.65) for a bunch of onions, he was criticized for being 'reasonable'.

The opposition DPK later used his comments as an election issue. Onion sprouts are displayed in farmers' gatherings organized by them.


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