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How was the twelfth parliamentary election?

by endroar

No one claimed to have seen long queues of voters waiting or standing at any polling station anywhere in the country for a specified eight hours or beyond. From the many eyewitness accounts we have come across, on average no more than 3 to 6 people per hour were seen voting in polling stations or booths. An average of 12 votes were cast per hour in some areas. In almost all areas, ordinary voters could not go to the polling stations to cast their votes after a certain period. They alleged that polling stations were occupied and illegal votes were cast.

alarming perception

As a result, I think the claim of 42 percent votes is not realistic. Instead, 5 to 10 percent of the voters appeared and voted. Many eyewitnesses believe that 20 percent of the votes were cast in some areas. Naturally, the question arises as to how the average of 42 percent of the vote was counted. This is possible only if several ballot papers are illegally sealed and shown in favor of the candidates. Or the people concerned with the election make up and declare the results as they like without counting the ballots.


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