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Home Business How United are giving Casemiro 'sleepless nights'

How United are giving Casemiro 'sleepless nights'

by endroar
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The Brazilian midfielder's play in Sao Paulo caught the attention of the Real Madrid authorities. In 2013, he was taken on loan by the most successful team in Europe. That year he was taken by Real.

He won the Champions League title in the same season as Real Madrid. In a 9-year spell at the Spanish club, he won 5 Champions Leagues and 3 La Liga titles. Not only that, his total number of titles in Real Madrid is 18. But after making Old Trafford the address, the game in the Champions League has to be in uncertainty. This frustration keeps Casemiro awake at night.

Real from Sao Paulo – United's title drought is no comfort to Casemiro, who is used to winning titles. All in all, the Brazilian midfielder told ESPN Brazil, 'It's tough. Not fighting for the title, that disappoints me. We are 20 points (actually 22 points) behind the top team.


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