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How to know if you are addicted to shopping

by endroar
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According to psychologists, 'shopaholic' people are actually suffering from a disease, whose dictionary name is 'Compulsive Buying Disorder'. There are certain characteristics in the behavior of people addicted to shopping. Let us know seven such features—

Closet full of new stuff

When you buy a lot, there are many things that remain in the cupboard, which are never used or even opened the package after purchase. In the case of those who are addicted to shopping, this trend is very high. Opening the cupboards of 'shopaholics' will reveal loads of shopping bags, many of which haven't been opened in months.

Unplanned shopping

Non-essential buying is a sign of becoming a 'shopaholic'. There is an iPod in the house, but a different model of iPod caught my eye while passing by the store; Bought it. Those who make such unnecessary purchases are actually addicted to the product. They get happiness by making irrational purchases.

Shopping to relieve depression, loneliness

There are many people around who are depressed about various things. For example, many people are not happy with their current situation. Some are very lonely. Some lack confidence. For these people who are immersed in shopping, it is a great weapon to forget the problem. There is a large section of people who love to shop when they are upset. And thus they suffer from compulsive buying disorder.


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